Belmark has been building in Snohomish County for over 40 years. As a builder/developer, Belmark has the experience and knowledge to take a project from raw land to a finished home. Beyond construction and development, the Belmark Team also manages sales, marketing, buyer relations, and warranty.

We are currently building single-family homes and townhomes in several communities throughout Snohomish County. We are also working with banks and property owners to help them realize their goals.

In our Fee Building Program, we offer five levels of service. We feel that we could be very useful in assisting with properties located in King, Snohomish, and Pierce County. The following is an overview of the services we offer:

Finished Lots

Belmark has a complete building program to assist landowners with finished lots that they want to bring to market.

By creating a fee building program an investor can maximize the returns on the finished lots as well as new homes.

Partially Completed Lots

With all of the unknowns in developing land, projects can become much more attractive if you can alleviate the uncertainty. Belmark can manage the development of partially completed lots in order to create a product that can generate options for landowners.

Sometimes simply by having another perspective can create additional value.

Engineering Approved Projects

With engineering approved projects, we can manage the infrastructure improvements to receive final plat approval then allowing you to have sell-able lots or finished lots to start building on.

Preliminary Approved Projects

With preliminary approved projects, we can help value engineer the project and determine the best use before moving forward. We can quickly begin the construction plan approval process with the municipalities and have it shovel ready.

Uncompleted or Damaged

We know that many landowners have diverse assets that may require very specific services. Belmark has experience in helping owners resolve issues that can be detrimental to the sale of a property including vandalism, tenant issues, and partially completed new construction, easements, permits etc.

Recent Projects:

• 6th St. Townhomes 30 units in Mill Creek

• Dana Point 6 finished lots/homes in Redmond

• West Creek 19 finished lots/homes in Kenmore

Belmark can perform the following functions depending on the level of service that is required for each property:

• Property Evaluation and Cost Analysis
• Market and Competition Analysis
• Project Redesign
• Permitting and Entitlement
• Construction Bidding and Analysis
• Construction Management of Site Development
• Building Plan Design
• Building Plan Bidding and Analysis
• Feature Selection
• Permit Coordination
• Construction Scheduling
• On-site Construction Management
• Financial Management and Reporting
• Sales and Marketing Management
• Buyer Relationship Management
• Home Warranty
• Project Restoration and Completion
• Vandalism Repair
• Utility Management
• Alleviating Tenant Issues

Please give us a call at (360) 653-3634 ext. 101 or email us. We look forward to working with you.