Agent Protocol

When you visit a Belmark neighborhood, our on-site team will provide you the highest quality service to you and your client.  Our goal is to help you make the sale and keep a happy customer.

It is expected that the Real Estate Professional will:

  • Register clients prior to, or at the time of first visit. This will provide protection of the agent/client relationship and ensure qualification for commission payment;
  • Write up Purchase and Sale Agreement including Belmark Addendum;
  • Present originals to Project Manager, who will review offer and present to the Builder;
  • Provide a copy of earnest money check with offer;
  • Provide a finalized photocopy (not fax) of Agreement;
  • Removal of all contingencies prior to Permit application/construction start;
  • Provide name of lender, address, contacts and phone numbers within 5 business days of mutual acceptance of contract;
  • Collect additional moneys — A non-refundable deposit paid to the seller/builder prior to construction start;
  • Present all questions, requests for Change Orders in writing. Collect & deliver to Belmark all moneys owed by date specified;
  • Provide updates on financing throughout transaction;
  • Follow through with all documentation; and
  • Actively follow construction status.

Belmark’s responsibility will be to keep you in the communication loop and provide the information needed to help you work with your customer.

Please Note: It is the policy of Belmark Homes that only the Purchasers whose names appear on the contract will attend the final homeowner orientation with our Customer Service Representative. No sales agents, friends, relatives or children will be permitted to attend.



We have an excellent relationship with Belmark Homes. They are on top of their business, well-capitalized and very professional. As a company, they have high expectations for the quality of work they do and the people they do business with. Belmark Homes thinks through the entire process very carefully, manage costs carefully and are conservatively run.

— Bill Raser: Loan Officer, Cascade Bank